HPC History

Horizon was conceptualized in 2002 by a vision given to Eric Oleson the Founder or Horizon Pregnancy Center and Pastor of God's House in Huntington Beach. Eric was meeting with a group of local pastors for their weekly prayer group. The topic this special day was "How can we as local leaders impact our community?". About 45 minutes into the prayer time Pastor Eric received a vision or a messages from God indicating that there needed to be a pregnancy center in Huntington Beach.

Pastor Eric listened and acted upon that vision. It took 3 years of countless prayer and ground laying efforts to finally acquire a location in 2005. Horizon opened its doors on a shoestring budget and God's will. They opened as a Crisis Pregnancy Center in a back space of a strip mall on Beach Blvd and Ellis in Huntington Beach. This location though not ideal, saved lives and helped many learn how to be better parents and provide for their babies. HPC's free services also helped with material donations, pregnancy tests, options counseling and abortion recovery.

In October of 2010, Horizon moved to the current location on Springdale and Bolsa in North Huntington Beach, where we continued to serve the community and save lives as a center. In April of 2012, we became a licensed medical clinic! Which means our free services now included free ultrasounds. National statistics quote that the opportunity for a women to choose life for her baby increases from 30% to almost 78% after seeing the truth of life through the ultrasound.

Obtaining this medical license was such a challenge everything from obtaining a medical director, to getting the ultrasound machine and training, finding a nurse manager, the build out of a new facility, changing directors, new expenses for insurance and licensing fees, to a slowdown in the economy, we almost closed our doors in the same year. God encouraged the clinic during this period by sending more clients than ever. The board had to make some difficult decisions and ran solely on volunteers for a period but we're faithful to see Gods hand in it all.

Today, we continue to help more and more clients and save more lives! Horizon has helped over 5,000 families and saved more than 161 babies. There are 161 babies alive today and 161 sets of feet in the sand because Horizon was there. In 2015, we acquired a medical mobile clinic, that we affectionately named "Courage".  She is equipped with an ultrasound on board, making it possible to reach more women in a crisis where they are...in front of an abortion clinic, a college, at the beach or perhaps a center that does not have an ultrasound machine.

None of this would be possible without God's leading, prayer, dedicated volunteers, church and individual donor support. Blessings and thanks as we together fight the fight to save lives one baby at a time...

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